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***Template*** Member Profile

Post by Ngma on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:30 am


I am wanting everyone to fill out a member profile that way everyone in the clan can learn a little about who they are as a person/player. I understand that being a clan you need to have some sort of connection and friendship with the people your in a clan with in order to grow and move forward so this is one way we can do this.

Please copy the below template into your own post. Please make the Topic Title be "Your Name - Player Profile".

Any questions please let me know.

Seven Shadows Member Profile:
First Name:
In-Game Name:
How long have you played HE?:

What was your reason for joining HE and playing it?:

Tell us one thing interesting about yourself?:

Let us know anything else you think we should know about you:(Optional)

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