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Ngma - Player Profile

Post by Ngma on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:35 am

Seven Shadows Member Profile:
First Name: Evan
In-Game Name: Ngma
Age: 27
Country: United States
Timezone: CST
How long have you played HE?:
This is my first round. I never knew that the game even existed but given that I am a networking engineer, hacking and doing different things like that is somewhat in my wheel house.

What was your reason for joining HE and playing it?:
Hacking has always been a major interest/hobby of mine. I just enjoy seeing what I can do and get away with.

Tell us one thing interesting about yourself?:
I played professional counter strike when i was 16 for a team called 50cal Gaming.

Let us know anything else you think we should know about you:(Optional)
I do have a family as well as a Local Professional 8-ball and 9-ball player meaning that i play this game mostly while i am in my office at work during the day. I make it so that i have a lot of down time (most of the time) so i am able to be logged into everything. While i am at home i try and spend time with my step daughter and fiance.

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